Freelance web developer building modern, performance optimized WordPress themes using the cutting-edge techniques.

Hi, I’m Jason Baciulis

I partner with forward-thinking web development agencies and start-ups that appreciate cutting-edge front-end and WordPress development practices. No matter how big or small is the project, I love building for web and I put my heart into each website. Let’s get started on yours today!

Why Me?

Tools & tech

For all of my WordPress projects, I use Roots tools. Depending on your hosting environment I may use just Sage or the whole stack including Bedrock and Trellis. I strive to write clean and maintainable CSS using a combination of OOCSS, BEM, and ITCSS. Depending on the project size and your preference I may add Namespaces, use Bootstrap grid or Tailwind framework. When writing JavaScript I keep my code short and sweet using ES6 syntax, yet readable to humans.


I’m happy to work with all types of clients, no matter how hands-on they are. I have clients who are entirely hands-off, letting me write code and offering minimal feedback. I also have clients who prefer to have daily standup calls and want me available during the working hours on Slack, basically treating me like a remote employee.

Work ethic

I believe that remote workers can have much higher levels of productivity when working from home compared to an open office. However, there are certain challenges with working remotely. It's super important for me to have a strict routine to stay productive. I have my morning routine which gets me awake, alert and ready to take on the day. To keep my focus during the day I work for 50min periods of high concentration, then taking a 5-10 min break away from the screen.