Freelance web developer building modern, performance optimized WordPress themes using the cutting-edge techniques.

What I can do for You

Custom WordPress Themes

Get fast and maintainable WordPress theme built with modern day web standards.

Refactoring & Maintenance

Upgrade your theme to modern web standards or extend its functionality.

Hosting & DevOps

Just push to git repository to have your codebase automatically deployed to the appropriate environment.

Why Me?

Focused & Specialized

My focus is modern WordPress development and my specialty is clean, maintainable code and themes optimized for speed.

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Client Oriented

Before starting any project I aim to understand "why" because I think it's crucial in order to develop effective solutions.

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Roots Expert

I'm a big advocate and supporter of Roots as well as contributor to Sage and writer of technical guides on I know these tools inside and out.

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Work Ethic

I have a strict routine which gets me awake and alert, and keeps me focused, and productive during the day.

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Personal Development

Being a freelance developer is so much more than being a good coder. For me, it's a lifestyle. It's a lifetime of continuous learning.

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Don't just take my word for it...

See what my clients say

Jason is a professional WordPress developer capable of outperforming his projects every time. He comes with suggestions to improve code and speed and delivers on time. We worked with a lot of freelancers and are still surprised by the quality we get back in a first and final delivery.
Sven Kaptein - Partner at Marsmedia
Sven Kaptein Partner, Marsmedia Amsterdam
Jason is an outstanding developer. He took the time to understand what we really wanted and took ownership of the changes he implemented.
Todd Heslin
Todd Heslin Project Manager, Point Hacks Singapore