Statamic Partner & Laravel Developer

I love helping businesses to build websites that make them say: “This looks fantastic!”. Let’s have fun and make you a remarkable website.

The Benefits

Why Statamic?


94% of the websites hacked are running WordPress. Also, most website hacks are done through SQL Injection. Statamic doesn't use a database out of the box, thus eliminating most forms of automated attack.


Nothing loads faster than static pages. Instead of rendering pages dynamically on-demand, you can leverage Statamic static caching for maximum performance.


Statamic allows to version control your entire website. Your site is always "backed up" and every change can be audited. Developers are more productive when working with version-controlled code, and their changes can be instantly deployed to your live site without taking it offline.

Content editing UX

Each Statamic site is fine-tuned and configured for the site's actual content. You are not stuck with one giant "What You See Is What You Get" field, nor are you deceived by the over-promises of "page builders".


When the need for complexity arrives, Statamic will scale with you. Swap the flat file approach for a database or switch into Headless CMS mode. And if you need to build a full-scale custom application, Laravel is under the hood, ready and waiting.

Laravel ecosystem

Statamic is a part of the greater Laravel ecosystem, one of the largest tech communities, not to mention the most popular Open Source PHP framework today. You won’t have trouble finding developers to maintain or scale your project.

What I bring

Developer, designer, marketer & problem solver

The “full-stack” skillset allows me to:

  • Come with suggestions on improving designs for better UX and a more clean look and feel.
  • Translate designs into a high-quality web experience.
  • Use the full power of Statamic to create an excellent content editing experience for your team.
  • Build custom addons to solve your business problems.
  • Write clean, maintainable code that’s easy to work with.
  • Optimize Statamic for performance to load blazingly fast.
Developer and Designer - Unicorn

The Process

Battle-tested and proven process

  1. Discovery

    Align on the scope of work

    1-on-1 session where we discuss your requirements, overview designs, and set our expectations.

  2. Estimate

    Estimate a total cost of the project

    I’ll go over designs and what we discussed to prepare a contract with estimate and our agreed scope.

  3. Execution

    Build your new project

    I’ll dive into writing a maintainable code and building your Statamic website or Laravel app.

  4. Handover

    Hand over a project and support

    I’ll hand a project to you or your team and will offer support along the way until it’s launched and live.

Trusted by

What clients say about me

Jason is an outstanding developer. He took the time to understand what we really wanted and took ownership of the changes he implemented.

Todd Heslin, Point Hacks

Jason is a professional developer capable of outperforming his projects every time. He comes with suggestions to improve code and speed and delivers on time. We worked with a lot of freelancers and are still surprised by the quality we get back in the first and final delivery.

Sven Kaptein, Marsmedia

Let’s build

It’s time to build a remarkable website

Build a secure, fast, and scalable website that's a joy to use for your team and your visitors.