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Modern WordPress tools by Roots

One of the reasons why I created this website is to use it as a playground to learn and test modern development tools and practices. As well as share what I learned with others.

#Discovering Roots

Early in 2018, from one of my clients, I learned about tools for building WordPress themes. I immediately was impressed by the modern setup. The first on my mind was to refactor this blog into Sage setup. It was a great learning experience to understand the structure of Sage, how views and passing data work.

Next several months I was busy building WordPress themes for my clients exclusively with Sage/Bedrock. Most of my clients are agencies so they have their own hosting setups. So I haven't had a chance to try Trellis – Roots set up for a server with modern LEMP stack.

Well, now this site is using the whole Roots stack including Trellis with NGINX server hosted on Digital Ocean. I also added KeyCDN to further speed up asset delivery.

It feels good to have a modern setup and I learned a ton in the process about Trellis. And as far as page speed goes I think I'm pushing the limits with WordPress. Here is the speed test result:

Page speed test results of this blog
Not bad for a $5/month hosting

#What's next?

I'm pretty happy with my current setup but until yesterday I thought I found the "perfect" setup for WordPress. Until I read about Gatsby

The reality is that it is a never-ending process of continuous improvement together with the rapidly changing web and new, better tools and practices emerging. But that's exactly why it's so exciting for me to be a web developer and why I chose this field.

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