Website audit 
for SaaS startups

Diagnose your website's ability to convert visitors into customers and get insights that will help you to increase your MRR.

Website Audit: positioning, messaging, design, user journey

The Problem

You know your website converts poorly, but you are not sure why

MRR is barely growing—or worse, it's staying in the same place, month over month.

The growth you've envisioned isn't coming to fruition. But how? You have a product, customers and you're still in business, so you must be doing something right. But when you're entrenched in your business, it's hard to see the forest for the trees. What could you be missing?

The Solution

Gain insights with your SaaS website audit

It's always easier to spot issues when looking from the outside.

During a website audit, you will gain some clarity and direction, save months of focusing on the wrong things, and discover areas where you are leaving money on the table.

A website audit is a low-risk investment with a potentially insane ROI.

The Audit

What’s included


I will look at your website and your competitors to see how you could stand out and increase sales by re-positioning your product.


I will look at your copy, visuals, and messaging through the lens of storytelling to see if it is clear or confusing.


I will evaluate your design based on look and feel, clarity, hierarchy, and interest.

Customer journey

I will evaluate your customer's journey from when they first land on your homepage to when they start a free trial.

The Process

Here’s how it works

  1. Order

    Order conveniently

    Pick the time for our meeting in Calendly and use secure Stripe checkout to pay with a credit card.

  2. Relax

    Sit back while I do the work

    I will create a spreadsheet with my observations, recommendations, and their impact on your business.

  3. Meet

    Show up for a video meeting

    We'll meet at your scheduled time and go over the audit spreadsheet together.

The fit

“Is this audit right for my business?”

It's NOT right for you if:

  • You're not in the SaaS business.
  • You already found a perfect product-market fit.
  • You have a large in-house team.
  • You're comfortable relying on your current website to acquire customers.

It's right for you if:

  • You're are generating MRR and want to grow more.
  • You're not happy with your conversion rates.
  • You have a high churn rate.
  • You did not deliberately position your product, or you are not sure what positioning is.
  • You're using paid methods to get leads, and you have a high CAC.

Gain clarity

Get your SaaS website audit

Choose the package that works for you.

50% launch discount for orders until May 1st.

The Complete package

$197 $98 USD
  • Evaluate your positioning strength.
  • Evaluate your messaging clarity.
  • Evaluate your design's impact on conversions.
  • Assess your customer's journey.

The Essentials

$99 $49 USD
  • Evaluate your positioning strength.
  • Evaluate your messaging clarity.