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I partner with the most forward-thinking companies to provide modern WordPress development solutions.

# Custom WordPress Themes

I build fast and maintainable WordPress themes with modern day web standards. I use Sage starter theme to create elegant, DRY templates with Blade and separated PHP logic kept in Controllers. My CSS is written using namespaced BEM with ITCSS architecture. All of that makes it a delight to maintain such projects. Plus, my themes come highly optimized with no render blocking resources and lazy-loaded, responsive, optimized images. Google will love you for this and you'll get excellent scores on PageSpeed Insights.

# Refactoring & Maintenance

Upgrade your theme to modern Sage standards or extend its functionality. I can refactor your theme's codebase to separate logic from the views using MVC architecture. Your templates will be cleaner and more readable using Blade syntax. Utilize modern front-end workflow to optimize assets, enable synchronized browser testing and perform other build tasks with Webpack setup. I could go a step further and refactor your CSS to use BEM and ITCSS architecture.

# Hosting & DevOps

Just push to git repository to have your codebase automatically deployed to the appropriate environment. I can set up hosting, continuous integration (CI), database syncing and backups for your websites. For Bedrock based WordPress themes, I use Trellis setup with modern LEMP stack hosted on Digital Ocean.

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