Hey there!

I'm Jason, a freelance web developer. Originally I'm from Lithuania, but I enjoy the perks of working remotely and spend part of the year living in Thailand.

My goal with a blog to use it mainly as a learning-through-teaching tool, and I focus mostly on front-end and WordPress. So if you're a newbie coder learning about these topics you're in the right place.

Also, occasionally I'll write about the progress in my career, remote work-life balance, productivity and the constant grind of getting a tiny bit better person than yesterday.

In case you’re looking to work with a driven web developer - then I'm your guy.

Focused & Specialized

Nowadays web developers are bombarded with new technologies, tools, and frameworks. It's very easy to get lost and fall prey to a shiny object syndrome.

I don't believe in jack of all trades approach. Instead, I seek to be competent in time-tested and in-demand technologies. But my focus is modern WordPress development and my specialty is clean, maintainable code and themes optimized for speed.

Client Oriented

Before starting any project I aim to understand "why" because I think it's crucial in order to develop effective solutions.

I’m happy to work with all types of clients, no matter how hands-on they are. I have clients who are entirely hands-off, letting me write code and offering minimal feedback. I also have clients who prefer to have daily standup calls and want me available during the working hours on Slack, basically treating me like a remote employee.

No matter what, I always send at least weekly reports.

Roots Expert

For all of my WordPress projects, I use Sage starter theme and then may add Bedrock or Trellis depending on client's hosting setup.

I'm a big advocate and supporter of Roots as well as an active member on Roots Discourse. Also, I'm a contributor to Sage and write technical guides on Roots.io. I know these tools inside and out.

Work Ethic

I believe that remote workers can have much higher levels of productivity compared to working in an open office. However, there are certain challenges with working remotely.

It is super important for me to have a strict routine to stay productive. I have my morning routine which gets me awake, alert and ready to take on the day. To keep my focus during the day I work for 50min periods of high concentration, then taking a 5 min break away from the screen to recharge.

Personal Development

Being a freelance developer is so much more than being a good coder. For me, it's a lifestyle. It's a lifetime of continuous learning and being a tiny bit better today than yesterday.

I know that by growing as a person I'll live a more fulfilling life and it'll allow me to give more value to my clients as well. That's why I spend most of my free time listening to audio books, learning and developing skills.

Also, I believe it's as important to take care of your body as well as your mind. I love a physical challenge and enjoy training in martial arts.